I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Truly, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.....

I went back to the clinic today to have them read my TB test and to get the collection done that didn't happen on Monday. I had my doubts about whether the kit would be there or not and lo and behold it was. The TB test was negative, everything was progressing fine....the nurse gave me the kit and sent me down to the lab to have the collection done.

They refused!

They said they don't do "that kind" and that even the hospital stopped doing them; as far as she knew, there was no one in town that did. WHAT!?!?

I got on the phone to the company that arranged this whole thing and was told that the person who handled that was gone for the day. Of course she was! I had another number to call but I didn't have it on me so I went home with my kit and called. I told my story to the lady and she was appalled (thank you for that) and said she would make some calls and get it all straightened out.

By the time I got back to work, I got an email telling me to call her back and when I did she said she had gotten it all fixed, I just needed to call this one nurse and she would make sure everything was taken care of.

Here is where it turns into a sick joke.

I call the contact at the lab that is supposed to fix everything and here is what I get; apparently, as soon as she got off the phone with the other lady, she found out that no, they actually can't do that and everything she just told the woman was wrong but she didn't know how to call her back and tell her, so I'm the lucky one to receive the news.

Are you kidding me?

So by now, everyone has gone home and I have to wait until tomorrow to even know if this stupid collection kit I have in my possession is any good anymore or if it's null and void.

I don't even know what to think anymore.

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Leo said...

"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy." - Unknown