It's Official!

February 15th.

That is when I leave for Kwajalein. I'll be giving my notice at work either tomorrow or Monday. I haven't decided. Either way that makes my last day February 6th and gives me a week off to get the rest of my stuff done and spend time at home before it's not home anymore.

Relief. I feel relief. And sad, and stressed, and excited, and nervous.

Giving my notice isn't going to be easy. I am knowingly going to be putting a burden on my coworkers and I feel bad about that. I'm worried that my clients aren't going to get the attention and service they are used to. That's a hard thing for me to let go.

I gotta tell you though, the idea of doing a job where I don't really have any customers is sounding pretty sweet!

On to the next stage!

Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure. I would imagine it will get more interesting from here on out.


Leo said...

Congratulations! I hope you'll be celebrating this weekend. How does it feel right at the edge of the adventure?

Anonymous said...

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Congrats on getting a date!! (which happens to be the day before my bday!!)

Hallie :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the great links.

I'm excited Leo, it's kind of a double edged sword; it's a great opportunity and all but I have to leave my family and friends behind. It's only two years though...heck if it goes by like the time at this job, I'll never even miss it.

Hallie, I'll be in on a layover in Hawaii for you birthday then. I'll post a picture just for you!