Can You Imagine?

So we just moved into a house. We've been in a BQ which is nothing more than a hotel room, a room with a bathroom; nothing more. Now we have a kitchen, an extra room, and a backyard! Dreamy!

Anyway, when you get a house, you lose your dining hall privileges. No more free food. My husband has pretty much hated eating in the mess hall since he hit the island so as far as money goes, it's not much of an impact in that matter. For the last 6 months we've mostly only eaten lunch at the PDR.

Upon thinking about our move, I started thinking about some of the other island folks around here......

Imagine this: 20 years on a tiny island; you live in a tiny BQ and you eat the same thing in the dining hall, week-after-week. Thursdays are Mexican, Wednesdays are Italian....over, and over...for 20 years!!!!



AlphaSigOU said...

What's so screwy about the PDR is that they have the potential to get better, but they keep getting their budget cut. Some meals are decent, others flat out suck. Some equipment in the chow hall's kitchen is broken and needs to be replaced.

I'm a member of the Kwaj dining hall advisory committee - we voice the concerns of the patrons to KRS management but increasingly they fall by the excuse of 'we don't have the money in the budget'. Even I have to resort to the occasional sojourn to the snack bar for some Burger King, Subway or Anthony's Pizza. Since I live in a BQ, my cooking options are extremely limited without running afoul of fire safety regs. Don't care for cooking in the ARC kitchen and it's too far to ride down to Vets' Hall to use their kitchen. And since the old Yuk club closed down, there's no 'fine dining' option.

The hidden gem of alternate dining options I've been told is the American Eatery at the DSC. Good reviews by those I know who have eaten there. Haven't tried it yet.

Enough of my grumbling... the other positive benefits of Kwaj outweigh the negatives. Congrats on you and Chris moving to a house!

Rebecca said...

The American Eatery is very good with one caveat; everything is fried. I recommend the popcorn shrimp.

pjselec said...

Hi Rebecca
So you have housing.That's great to hear,and you have your partner with you too! Who has the housing you or chris? When I was out there in 91. The 1st person I met ended up to be my best friend on island while i worked out there. He got on as a single clot,hoping to get his wife out there as a teacher in the school system. It took him 4 years. That's a long time foe sure.It looked like it took you guy's at least 2 years?? It seems like eating at the chow hall is like eating at the same resturant day in day out! Allot of pcs party's make up for some of the meals!