Unforseen Side Effect

Living on Kwaj has turned me into an impulse buyer. Probably everyone else too or if they haven't turned yet they will if they stick around very long.

I never used to go to the store unless I had something specific in mind that I was looking for; that's all I would go in for and when I found it, I got it and left. I've never liked "shopping". I translate that to wondering around for hours looking at everything and just trying to find something to spend your money on. Not me.

There have been so many times in my life that I have found something I like, but somehow manage to talk myself out of it. I've even been known to pick something up, carry it around and then put it back. Usually because it doesn't seem "practical".

On Kwaj, we get in limited supplies and you really can't count on anything to be there twice. Whatever you do, don't get hooked on a favorite brand or flavor....you may end up in withdrawls. I'm talking about everything from toothpaste to beer.

I watched a guy in the liquor isle one day agonizing for 5 minutes since his favorite brand wasn't there. I bought something to try and went back 2 hours later to get more and it was gone. I've passed on stuff, went home to ask my husband about it and when I got back it was gone. The rule of thumb here is, if you see it and you want it, get it because it won't last.

For some this develops into an even worse problem; hoarding. Personally, I'd rather go without than have to store a bunch of stock in my house; or worse, BQ room.


AlphaSigOU said...

I've already grown accustomed to the Kwaj shopping experience - if you see something you like, better get it, 'cause who knows when it'll appear on the shelves again?

And yes... hoarding is an Olympic sport in Kwaj. One learns very quickly not to fall short of essential items, especially paper towels and toilet paper. Other stuff I'm not too worried about. If it runs out, que sera sera.

Five weeks to go before getting 'paroled' into civilization! :)

pjselec said...

Hi Rebecca
When I lived out there. It was even tougher on Roi. So mail order was the way to go for me.It helped. When I was at Gimbels on Roi,it was a great day to see Sam Adams beer on the shelf. Just a change from fosters. Things do go fast off the shelves for sure!