First Time In Over A Year

This week I drove an actual vehicle for the first time in a year and four months. Up to this point it's been the golf carts we use for work. I have actually had to ride my bike to a client call when no carts were available; with my laptop and tools strapped to the back. (Only on Kwaj)

I rented a pickup truck to move some stuff to the house and it's funny how some things you just don't forget. The truck I got had super touchy brakes though and I screeched the tires the first time I stopped.

Driving here is weird because of all the bicycle and pedestrian traffic. And all of that traffic is pretty aimless, there is no real flow. Everyone just walks or rides where they want and sudden U-turns is not uncommon. You really have to pay attention when you drive around here.


AlphaSigOU said...

I felt the same way when I drove QOL-3 (the pickup truck) when I moved my big stuff out of my old BQ at Tropics to my current BQ in Sands. The brakes on that thing are notoriously touchy.

I guess I'm gonna hafta break out my training wheels while I get used to driving again during my home leave. :)

Oz Girl said...

Just wanted to tell you, I've thoroughly enjoyed almost every post on your blog. I love reading about those of the human race who take the path least travelled, or who at least live a life radically different from many of us.

One of my fav books is Tales of a Female Nomad, by Rita Golden Gelman. I love reading of adventurous women, and you definitely fit the bill. Kudos to you for taking this opportunity.

I'll never outgrow my love of geography, other cultures, road trips, small towns, and just simply looking at maps... yes, I adore maps. For now, I'm settled in my new state of Kansas, but someday, I will resume my state of wanderlust.

For now, your blog has fulfilled my wanderlust bug. At least today. :-)

Have a wonderful day... and I added you to my blog roll sidebar, if that's ok!