Movin' On Up!

Housing is limited here, I've mentioned that before. Anyone that arrives on island is likely to get put into a BQ or Bachelors Quarters. Basically it's a dorm. The rooms are like hotel rooms, a room with a bathroom, that's it.

If you are married, and get on the waiting list, you can get into a "married BQ" which is two of these rooms, side by side with a door cut in the middle. This is actually quite an improvement over two separate rooms, especially if they are in different buildings. We felt like we were in prime real estate when we got our married BQ.

Today though, I get to go pick up the keys for our house! It's a duplex really but it's two bedroom, a full kitchen, our own washer and dryer and a yard!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? This is huge. The house is part of my recent promotion. My husband was recently promoted and his position comes with a house too but unfortunately, the housing slots for his company were full.

As one of my coworkers said, getting a house here makes you feel like a human again. After just looking at the place, I can see exactly what he means. We no longer get free food at the chow hall but we barely ate there anyway; not really a big loss. I'm sure the cat will enjoy having a new and bigger space to explore as well.


Izzy said...

I can't believe you guys had to wait for a place, when I left there were many, many open "old" housing around. Hope your roof doesn't leak !

bstaton said...


My wife is trying to get an AAFES job there. She is a manager at the AAFES Burger King here at Sheppard AFB, and they are needing one there. She is well qualified and has the management certifications, but she still thinks her chances are slim. She has never tried to transfer. We don't know how many people try for such a remote position though.

I have only read your first few blog entries, but if I understand correctly you had to wait over a year for a house???

I am also very curious about your cat. How did you transport your cat onto the island?

Rebecca said...

It's much easier to arrange for housing BEFORE you get here. As part of your job offer.

Also, certain positions get housing right off the bat. I wouldn't be surprised if AAFES managers automatically get housing. Don't quote me on that though.

The cat was a big deal, there is a lot of paperwork and preparations to be done MONTHES before you get here. You should start the pet paperwork when you apply for the job, not wait until you know you have it or it will delay you. At least it would have for me.

Different companies handle hiring differently though. It took me 7 months to get out here from the day I was hired; it took my husband 2 weeks.