I can dream can't I?

OK, so while we wait, we've been talking about what it will be like and what we're going to do (besides work) etc. etc.
We already know we're going to try scuba diving and snorkeling and I can't wait to wake board in the lagoon!
But for a long term goal, we want to learn to sail.
We have a little 16' motor boat that we run on the local river; it's fun but its only going to be the size of a dingy for the type of boat we'd like to learn to sail.
JF has been looking at boats for sale online and found one that is sitting in Kwajalein right now. (Only $85,000!!!!)
It's called The Cherokee and it's got a pretty interesting story. Three guys traveled around on her for 10 years and have now decided to sell it. We're nowhere near ready for something like this but these are the kind of adventures we're hoping for.
Cross your fingers for us, we need some good juju!

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