Update From Kwajalein

I received another update on the job this morning.

I guess in the midst of all of their busy-ness over there, they are rearranging some of the job duties and that requires going through the ranks for approval.
I've been informed that there are still multiple positions available but they are not ready for the second set of interviews still and that I will hear something soon.

If this were a date I was waiting for, I would feel blown off, even with the updates but as I've said before, if they are as busy (or busier) than I am at my current job, I fully understand.

I'm headed in early today to help get caught up. (HA!)

So, as far as I can tell this is still moving forward.

Heck, it takes a couple of weeks to get mail there, a month to ship your belongings when you move there; I guess things just take a little longer in Kwajalein.

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