Helicopter Ride - Dream Come True

For years I have wanted to experience a helicopter ride. Many years. It's not just something you get to do. When you go somewhere of any distance, it's usually by plane. Helicopters aren't really accessible to the general public.

A few days ago, my dream became reality.
The chopper
I loved it. I can say now that I prefer helicopters over airplanes. What a great experience. This is why I am here. How many jobs have you had where part of your duties entail getting in a helicopter to get from one location to the next? Me neither but I do now!
Me on a chopper
I'm already looking forward to my next helicopter ride. I'm hoping it's a tad longer next time. What fun!
Inside the chopper
It was interesting to me to discover that the seat I chose would have been the gunners seat during war times. My Dad was a gunner. On a much different kind of helicopter though.

Here are a few pictures I got while we were passing over:


Freedom said...

Baby, that's pretty much that same aircraft your dad would have flown in Vietnam. It's a UH1, which is a Vietnam era aircraft. They where fazed out of active duty in the early ninety's.

Rebecca said...

I thought he was in one of those giant choppers with the two sets of blades like they fly over Helena all the time.

I guess I don't really know. Wow, that chopper I was in seems so small to be taking into a war.

Leo said...

I'm so jealous...