The Kwaj Crud

Sounds nice huh?

I don't know what it is but that's what everyone says I have. The Kwaj Crud.

Sunday and Monday, I had sore throat, Tuesday my lungs felt tight and since then, I have a very dry cough and I haven't been able to talk ! I sound like a squeak toy, when I can actually get out a squeak.

Very frustrating; I'm a talker.

Cough drops and cough syrup seem to help the most but those aren't really my worst symptoms. Just this stupid lack of voice. Overall I feel just fine. Someone said there is usually a low grade fever with it that you don't notice because it's so warm here.

Fun, I really hope I can talk again soon!

3/30/09 3:00am

I figured out what the crud is. Well, my crud at least.

It's a sinus infection but because of all of the air conditioning around here, there was no "evidence" of it because the indoor air is so dry. The air conditioning system in the BQ's runs 24/7.

After breathing in hot steamy water I was able to break it up enough to get the "evidence" and proceeded to spend about 45 minutes this morning, steaming and inhaling salty water and blowing it all out and guess what!?! I can talk!

Now it's 3am and I'm fully awake but that's ok. I'm glad I figured out what was going on. I wonder if the crud is more prevalent in people who aren't used to air conditioning. Tomorrow I'm going to get some OTC nasal spray and knock this out completely if I can.

It's just so nice to be able to talk, although the only one to talk to at 3am is the cat but he seems to be enjoying it. :)


Leo said...

Aww. I hope you feel better soon.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Leo - doing much better now.

Leo said...

comment on update: that makes sense. i've lived in different climates and it does take 1-2 months for the body to adjust. -- especially with the a/c, that's a man-made climate change for the body.

glad you are doing better!