Suffering Temporary Insanity (Hopefully Temporary)

I'm in that in between stage where my brain thinks the vacation should be over and it's time to quit screwing around and get back home again.

...Sorry brain, it's not a vacation, we're here for awhile...

It's been all of 18 days now and I like it, but a lot of things are starting to sink in. Like, maybe JF won't get to join me....something I've taken for granted this whole time. Boy would that turn this into a depressing human experiment......

There are times lately when I feel like all is well, I'm fitting in great and then I run across someone that can crush my spirit; just like that. It's no different than anywhere else, I just knew what to expect in my old world.

Mostly I am very grateful to the wonderful, friendly people I have met and appreciate the kindness and openness I've received. I still feel disoriented though, it can't be helped.

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of the folks that are here with their spouses and significant others, it would make this whole experience completely different.

I miss my boy.


Freedom said...

I Miss You Too, Baby! This is starting to really suck.

Leo said...

@ Freedom: Just go!

Leo said...

..to Kwajalein that is, of course.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Leo.

It's not that easy unfortunately. He can come visit (which he will in May or June if he hasn't found a job) but you can't live here unless you have a job or unless your spouse (we're not married) has a job that allows dependents. My position doesn't qualify.

After I get some time under my belt I might be able to pull that off but it's sad being separated in the mean time.

It's always nice to have your SO during times of drastic change so you have at least one stable, familiar thing in your life. My cat is doing that job right now. I'm glad he's here with me.